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Common Photo Camera Problems

Photo Camera taking photosDigital photography is convenient, you can view images as you take them, developing is almost unnecessary, and editing software is available, as well as the ability to be uploaded to the internet. However, there are multiple issues you could be facing with your camera, and in this article we cover how to fix them.
Power Light Issues
If the power light is turned on but your camera isn’t working as it should be, try resetting it. The reason could be that it was switched off and on during the time it was running. It also may have been a transient problem.

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Web Hosting Guide – Security Issues and Prevention Measures

Apr 20, 14 Web Hosting Guide – Security Issues and Prevention Measures


There are many challenges associated with web hosting but the most vulnerable one pertains data security issues. There has been increased security issues on how secure any organizations data handling is and there has been concerns on what needs to be done.

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Technology Trends That Could Affect You

Nov 04, 13 Technology Trends That Could Affect You

Staying abreast of the latest trends in technology is an important facet of everyday life. From work to play to studying to everyday activities, some aspect of technology is involved. The four technology trends discussed below offer things that are economically beneficial as well as helpful in day-to-day living.

Powerful Computers
Computing horsepower has been robust enough over the past few years to meet the needs of the typical user. Most users harness the power of the computer to tackle e-mail, word processing, spreadsheets, social media and entertainment. Future trends indicate that computing horsepower may benefit from new innovations. A new configuration involves combining the graphics card and the CPU into one entity. This new technology is offered via the Intel Sandy Bridge and AMD Fusion APU processors. Cost savings and a smaller chassis are some of the main benefits of this technology.

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Common Problems in PC and Their Solutions

Common Problems in PCYou may be working with your computer, and you suddenly receive an error message or a screeching halts. Troubleshooting and fixing a computer problems may prove difficult, especially if you have little understanding about your Personal computer. The following are common PC problems and how you can fix them..

Missing DLL Files

Dynamic Link Library or DLL files store information about the operating system of your PC. These files also contain information on how to perform certain tasks. Occasionally, your personal computer may lose its DLL files or something may damage them. If you receive an error message every time you perform a particular task, this means your PC may have a missing or corrupted DLL file. If your PC problems are resulting from missing and destroyed DLL files, you can restore the situation by downloading the files back to the PC.

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MAC vs. PC: An Endless Debate

Jun 07, 13 MAC vs. PC: An Endless Debate

The debate about Mac and PC has been a basis for ongoing improvements in both models. They are the most popular devices ever anywhere in the world. Determining the better platform becomes difficult to resolve because there are already a lot of launched improvements that are so hard to match with the developments. In the past few years, both devices have shown same wavelength in terms of developments. Their manufacturers have invested a lot in developing these devices. No gadget company would settle for less to catch the interest of the market. In reality, there is no winner for the winner is in the hand of the user. Whichever caters your needs should be the best choice. It will be an easy decision to make if a customer knows what she or he needs.

Both devices have displayed very impressive performance in terms of memory and drive space, although only MAC have the capability to run on many operating systems.In fact, MAC can run on the operating system of a PC. That spells an advantage for MAC users. Despite the said advantage, PC is still the dominant device in the corporate world. PC has a broad context of users which basically the reason why PC sales is still high despite the presence of MAC devices.

Mac and PC

In terms of reliability, both MAC and PC are susceptible to viral attacks. Nevertheless, updated anti-virus application can provide ultimate protection against the said attacks or otherwise known as malicious hits. Both can employ the same issue resolution although spare parts are purchased from different sources.

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The top Android smartphones

Feb 27, 13 The top Android smartphones

There are lots of inquiries online on forums for advice about which mobile to choose, help comes in the form of short list of the top 5 Android smartphones on the market.

Samsung Galaxy S3

After a long wait and the many rumors we’ve read in recent months, it has finally arrived, the Galaxy S3, the successor of the best Androind device from 2011. This model comes with many advanced features that Samsung has incorporated into it including a Voice app through which you can give your phone voice commands – something that Apple introduced with Syria. This option allows you to run the phone to his ‘welcoming’ – in fact, it is only necessary to say ‘Hi Galaxy’ to activate it from sleep mode without having to press any buttons, and through it you can activate the camera, take pictures and amplify sound to name just a few.

This Android runs on Google’s latest version of Android (Ice Cream Sandwich) and has support for HSPA + and 4G LTE. Other options include support for NFC, Bluetooth 4.0 and S-Beam for super fast transfer files between the phone and the Galaxy S3 2.1000 mAh capacity battery.

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Samsung galaxy S3 review

Jul 04, 12 Samsung galaxy S3 review

The Samsung galaxy S3 is here to stay and it seems to be giving the iphones a run for their money. The new Android Smartphone has some of the coolest features ever and that explains why it is giving its competitors a rough time. Here is a review of Samsung galaxy S3, the newest kid on the block.

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